April 19, 2023

Kick off Meeting

The ESPERANCE kick-off meeting is scheduled for the 24th-26th April, 2023, to bring together the beneficiaries, the scientific and other participants in the organisation of the project and the External Advisory Board (EAB) members to discuss and streamline all foreseen networking and research activities, to develop coherence and synergy between participants.

The poster of the meeting is found here (pdf)

During this meeting the ERA Chair and the UPAT partners will present their main objectives and available tools, expertise, achievements and infrastructure for the success of the ESPERANCE project.

A round table with EAB and Project Management Team (PMT) will take place to discuss present and future perspectives. Special emphasis will be to define scientific priorities taking also into account the feedback from the EAB and also develop a recruitment strategy for all personnel, but more specifically for attracting a promising local young group leader.

Six experienced researchers, who applied for the position of the ESPERANCE Group Leader, will present their research activities and their perspectives on how they will act in a synergistic action to integrate the existing research tools and groups, in their future projects, under the mentorship of the ERA chair.

The program of the meeting (open sessions) is found here (pdf)

The entire agenda of the meeting (including closed sessions) is found here (pdf)

24th April 2023 (1st day of the Kick-off meeting)

25th April 2023 (2nd Day pf the Kick-off meeting)